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As plans for future adventure races are being developed, it’s nice to have feedback from racers to take into consideration. The Impossible Panther is no different. If you raced in this race, or supported a team, or volunteered, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments about the experience.

For racers, I’m especially interested in knowing what you think about the modified rogaine format used on the longer courses. Do you like that better than a fixed route course?

What about the length of the courses: 4+, 8 and 12 hours? The number of entries was evenly split between the three lengths, like at last year’s Gold Nugget AR, so it’s hard to tell from the registration numbers if racers want something longer, or shorter.

Your feedback will help make the next race better! Clear your calendar for October 6th and come race the 2nd Annual Gold Nugget AR!



Has one of your teammates written a race report for the 2007 Impossible Panther AR? Maybe you have? As an adventure racer, I love reading race reports from other teams. If you’re willing to share your report, or pass on a link to where one is posted online, or just leave a few comments here about your experience, please do.


Don Childrey

Bushwhack Adventures

Several volunteers took pictures at the race.



Race results are now posted:

Sport course: ~4 hour (pdf)

Challenge course: 8 hour (pdf)

Long course: 12 hour (pdf)

Passport scoring details (xls)

I’ve been doing a little fieldwork on the courses recently and I’m happy to announce that there will be a few nice scenic spots for you to enjoy.* The picture below is one of them. You don’t often find a vista of 5-10 miles like this in central NC. (Sorry Sport class, but this particular vista will only be an option for the 8 and 12 hour teams. You’ll have other vistas to enjoy!)


* The “enjoy” part is highly dependent on how much training you did prior to the race, how much wind you’re sucking at the time, the weather conditions, whether you’re able to talk your teammates into punching the CP in your passport, and whether your team even chooses to search for this CP.

Leave comments here indicating that you are In Search Of teammates or teams to race with for the 2007 Impossible Panther AR. Don’t forget to include contact info.

Good luck!